Apollo ERP Chats

Apollo ERP Chat

The Chat gives you real time communication. It comes with internal chat system that allows your sales agents or technicians to effectively collaborate with each other. The key to making live chat successful and increasing the likelihood of a sale on your site is being helpful. Having live chat connected to a CRM platform makes your operators more helpful.

Apollo ERP Chat

Cold Calling is a table that provides easy access to all the required information and great overview to monitor appointments. It strictly refers to contacting new customers who have neither showed interest nor service anything from your company yet.

Within cold call, you can add customers and each contact details; you can document appointments and notes; and you can schedule and receive follow-up reminders.

Cold Call is quickly and effectively fill in the appropriate data about the progress of all qualified appointments, and move on immediately to the next action. You can also access it from anywhere, quickly monitoring your appointments and follow-up schedule. Fast and on the go. Exactly what you need.

Apollo ERP Chats

The Outbound Call Back is an emerging, internet-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution that enables users browsing a company’s Website to leave a phone number to request a callback where a sales representative can call them back with more information. The system connects them with the next available sales representative or support agent.

Phone numbers can be collected in a customer relationship management database which enables lead nurturing. As businesses can follow up with people, no business opportunity gets lost, even in case of abandoned first call attempts. A request with a callback number provided would automatically generate an outbound call from the contact center to the customer.

Apollo Soft ERP CRM Call Back

Tasks is a table which provides feature that allows you to set up tasks for yourself or assign them to one of your team and to which department, allows you to view your assigned task, and also allows you to view finished assigning tasks.

In the Task table, you will see the most detailed view of your Task List with details such as priority level, date and time, job number, the author, assigned to user and departments, short notes that pertain to each task, and actions.

The task could be to gather information about services for customers that you’re doing business with. It helps you keep track of your to-do list or priority task and easily access the records associated with each task. You can add as many different tasks as you like for each service stage.

Apollo Soft CRM ERP Tasks Table