Apollo Soft is a Customized Software for Appliance Repair

Apollo Soft is a Customized Software for Appliance Repair

Our dedicated IT team provides a customized solution for small and medium sized appliance repair companies.

The online dashboard gives you an overview of your business. It includes jobs, sales, estimates, profits, and closing ratios.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Business intelligence reporting (BI reporting) is referred to the process of receiving, providing information or reports to different users, organizations, and applications through a BI software.

These BI reports can be made in form such as statistical data, visual charts and/or standard textual content. It is typically part of BI software for delivering summarized and structured reports for the analysis or operations performed one or more set of data.

And these results of BI reporting significantly help the organization or individual in short term, long term tactical and/or strategic decision making. It is also integrated with other application that takes the results/ data to perform any further operation /process.

Apollo Soft is a Customized Software for Appliance Repair


Smart Assignment Management

Smart Assignment Management  is an global assignment management tool that uses best-in-class technology and allows you to control every step of your business. This tool provides full automation and allow you to effectively manage all aspects of your business assignments. Its ability to coordinate multiple stakeholders, including those in various regions, will make your administration and your assignment management process much easier! Smart Assignment Management helps your global program deliver a higher level of value, cost savings with visibility to both your internal and external stakeholders.

Apollo Soft is a Customized Software for Appliance Repair


Summary Booked Report

Summary Booked Report provides important information about your main activities during a fixed period. These reports present such information as the number of potential leads, cancelled leads, different sources, social media activities, and provide important and accurate answers to high-level business questions.

Summary Booked Report allows our clients to figure out quick answers to business subjects such as: What amount of potential or canceled leads was during the last period? Which social media are currently the most influential? What percentage of your customers are no-shows? Choose Customized Software for Appliance Repair Apollo, and get the most qualitative Summary Booked Report for your company right now!

Apollo Soft is a Customized Software for Appliance Repair


Summary Lost Report

Summary Lost Report is a report that allows you to see statistical data that shows you how many customers and for what reason you lost it in a specified period of time. Viewing such data will show you what is the first thing to fix in your business, and will allow you to strengthen a weak link in its work.

Summary Lost Report will give you the opportunity to compare the work of your business in the past and the current month and also consider each specific day or week that you are interested in.

Lead reports allow clients to see information about the source and status of leads, how long it takes to respond to leads, the number of potential leads, canceled leads, and the history of lead fields. You can create a report of your lead information, export that data to Excel, and then do a mass mail merge using Microsoft Word. It will help you to get better insights on where to focus your work to maximize your output in business.

Apollo Soft is a Customized Software for Appliance Repair


Summary Opportunities

Opportunity table is a kind of report, which provides information about your business opportunities, including different information such as period,  customer and manager name, brand name, region of work, its status, and more. The settings show you the most commonly used information from each object, but you can customize a report to view other information, which you want to know. Choose Customized Software for Appliance Repair Apollo to know exactly what your business is waiting for in the future.

Apollo Soft is a Customized Software for Appliance Repair