Marketing chips

Leads by Location is a report pulls data from the leads based on the location. It also allows you to segment and market to your leads based on their specific location and run campaigns with your unique branding and marketing strategy for each location.

Leads by Location

Trends is a report about sales data analysis that gives you valuable insight into the inner-workings of your business. This gives a clearer visual of your overall sales. You can determine both opportunities and potential problems. You can track if a particular leads are increasing or decreasing in sales. It also helps you determine if you’re meeting your sales goals by providing you an easy, measurable way to track your progress.

Trends Report

Notifications News is a table that allow users to get email updates from the CRM whenever they are assigned new leads, a team member sends them and update, or when a task is due. This helps them respond quickly to their customers.

Notification News

Morning Brief Audience is a a section in the User management where you can create and manage your remarketing lists. This list contains data of the specific audience in every departments. You can remarket to an audience list you’ve created with a list of users.

Morning Brief Audience