Sales Statistic

DSR Report

The DSR Report is a report table that provides prospecting data of the daily sales progression and daily sales reporting. This helps you ensure that you are receiving the latest sales reports to provide accurate information about the actual sales performances. This also helps you evaluate and optimize for the major aspects that influence your sales strategy.

With DSR you can track your daily sales progress, thus you will be able to generate more accurate sales forecast and you can also generate positive reports that enhance the team confidence levels.


The Evaluation is a process presents an opportunity to examine businesses. Evaluation can certainly help general business direction. The prime concern of a business is to give them a good quality service, improve relationships with customers and generate higher revenue. Therefore, it is necessary to identify if your business is intended to the efficiency of the sales and marketing team, or is it to build a strong relationship with your customers? The answers to questions like this will help determine the focus of business performance.

Forecast Report

Forecast Report is a dedicated report for the summary of sales forecasts of the opportunities. The Forecast plays a crucial part in the financial planning of your business. Sales forecasting is projecting the short-term and long-term sales performance of a company.

Sales forecasts are  an important measurement of your company’s growth and success. Factors such as previous sales forecasts and revenues are considered while predicting  monthly sales report. If your company meets consecutive sales forecasts, then you are assured that the company is growing!

Lost Lead Report

The Lost Lead is a report that indicates a disqualified lead having a status reason of lost, cannot contact, no longer interested, or cancelled.

Why You Lose Leads?

  • Distraction – a lead becomes distracted and doesn’t make the effort necessary to follow-up.
  • Your Services Are Not Required – your lead may be very interested in your service but they just don’t need it at that moment and they can’t justify the expense.
  • Customers Are No Longer Interested – Maybe your lead found another company that better met their needs, or perhaps your company was just too expensive for their current budget.