Team’s Values

Reputation Report

The Reputation Report provides guidance on how managers can improve the tenant experience to earn better ratings, increase occupancy and retention rates and maximize net operating income. This report is for important insights about how property managers can analyze review text to determine what’s important to tenants, and to identify problem areas in need of attention. Understanding how to manage reputation helps us to better identify and engage with the right stakeholders, to communicate our message and values more effectively, and to determine the path to sustained  success.

Cancelled Leads

The Cancelled Leads is a table which provides leads that are cancelled due to requirements that were not met, as opposed to the company or person backing out (Losing a lead).

CRM Help

The Help provides general information about the product, its purpose, and its uses. It improves the effectiveness of user training and they can learn all about it themselves. It is a very important piece of any CRM implementation. If a user forgets some of the training they received, they can just select Help about any feature – and always be able to refresh their knowledge.

Telemarketing Statistics

Telemarketing Statistics is a table which provides reports to quantify team performance, detail agent statistics, and monitor company processes. It can also help track and monitor the quality of the work being done by the sales team.